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Home > Tips > How to Trim a Video on iPhone [3 Methods]

How to Trim a Video on iPhone [3 Methods]

You need to trim a video on iPhone if you want to remove some unwanted portion of your video. In this tutorial, we will recommend 3 simple methods about how to trim a video on iPhone.

Updated Nov 09,2018 | by Bennie

Do you know how to trim a video on iPhone with ease? You have a wonderful video on iPhone but don’t want the beginning or end portions, then you need to trim the video to remove the unwanted moments. In this article, we will list 3 simple methods to let you know how to trim a video on iPhone with just a few steps.

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Method 1: Trim a Video on iPhone with Photos App – Easiest

The Photos app has a built-in tool to trim the video clips. This is absolutely the easiest way to cut off any unwanted portion of a video clip on iPhone. Go straight to the following steps:

Step 1: Open Photos app and you will see all the videos here. If videos do not show up in iOS 12, you can tap on Albums at the bottom of your screen, then scroll to the Media Types section, and choose Videos. Then you can find the videos in the photo albums.


Step 2: Select and tap the video that you want to trim, then tap Edit in the top right corner.


Step 3: A timeline bar shows at the bottom of the screen along with all the frames of your video. Drag the start and end time bar to choose the portion you need. The yellow portion of the bar tells you which segments of the video you will get and save.


Step 4: Confirm the segment you selected and you can tap the play button to preview.


Step 5: If you're satisfied with your selection, tap Done. Otherwise tap Cancel to adjust the start and end time again.


Step 6: When you tap done, an option menu will pop up: Trim Original and Save as New Clip Tap. Choose Save as New Clip, so you can save both the edited and original videos. If you tap Trim Original, the original video will be trimmed permanently.


Step 8: Find the trimmed video in your Videos > Photos > Albums as a new separate video.

Method 2: Trim a Video on iPhone via iMovie

iMovie is also a built-in app for iOS 12 now. You can trim a video on iPhone with iMovie easily. Read on to learn how it is done.

Step 1: Open Photos app and find the video you want to trim and tap Edit as Step 1 and Step 2 in Method 1.

Step 2: Tap “…” at the bottom and tap iMovie. If you can’t find iMovie, tap More and make sure the toggle is on.

 image.png  image.png

Step 3: Tap scissors icon to trim the video. Move the start and end time bar to select the moments you would like. You can preview it by tap the screen.


Step 4: Click Done and export the trimmed video in Alums-Videos.


Note: Besides trimming a video, you can also add filter, captions and add background music or sound to the video with iMovie.


Method 3: Trim a Video on iPhone with 3rd Party App

Photos app and iMovie can help you trim videos on iPhone easily. However, if you do not like to use them or require some other functionalities to edit the videos, 3rd Party app would help you. Here we recommend you an app called YouTube capture.

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Step 1: Get YouTube capture in App Store.

Step 2: Launch YouTube capture and select Video Editor. 


Step 3: Click screen to add a video from iPhone.


Step 4: Drag the start and end time bar to choose the video moments you want to save, then tap Done.


Step 6: Find and view the trimmed video in albums – Photos.

Notes: YouTube Capture is a great video editor which has decent options. It is easy to trim videos as well as color stabilization and color correction. Besides, you can also add commentary or background music, upload videos to YouTube directly, and share on SNS.

Tips: How to Transfer the Trimmed Videos to Computer

After trimming the videos, you may want to transfer videos to computer to save them permanently. Here we recommend you a user-friendly transfer tool - IOTransfer. Follow the steps to learn how to transfer the trimmed videos from iPhone to PC.

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Step 1: Free Download and install IOTransfer to PC. It works in Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and compatible with iOS 12.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to PC with a USB cable.


Step 3: Click MANAGE and Photos – Camera Roll, then chose the trimmed video.


Step 4: Click Export and choose the video location on your PC, then click OK. The trimmed video is exported to PC speedily.


Step 5: After exporting, click View files to view the video on your computer.


Bottom Line

The article lists 3 methods to trim a video on iPhone to get rid of unwanted moments with ease. You can choose one of them you like. After trimming, you can use IOTransfer to transfer it to PC to save it permanently.

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