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Home > Tips > How to Transfer PS4 Videos to iPhone – A Good Place to Save Your PS4 Recording

How to Transfer PS4 Videos to iPhone – A Good Place to Save Your PS4 Recording

How to transfer PS4 videos to iPhone? The best method will be provided to help you upload PS4 recordings to iPhone within only several clicks

Updated Apr 09,2018 | by Micky

How to transfer PS4 videos to iPhone? PS4 is an 8-generation home video game console – as the successor to PS3, developed by Sony, released in November 2013, in North America. Like its counterparts Xbox One, PS4 can be used both as a gaming console and blue-ray player. This multifunctional device appeals to millions of users worldwide, and of course, I am also one of them. It’s quite a lot fun to play masterpieces on PS4, but more engaging to save your PS4 gameplay recordings and share it with others because PS4 provides to save the latest 15-min-long gameplay clips. To store PS4 recordings to PC is not a big deal, but what if you would like to transfer them to iPhone (PS4 recordings are saved as .mp4) so that you could have an offline visual experience on the go or upload them to the internet via YouTube App? So, in this tutorial, I will provide you the best way to directly save PS4 videos to iPhone from PC.

how to save ps4 clips to iphone 

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What Is the Best Way to Transfer PS4 Videos to iPhone

There are not many really recommended solutions to this issue if you search in Google. Some people suggest you upload to YouTube first and then watch the PS4 recording online, but it doesn’t help because you have access to the video only if there is a Wi-Fi signal. Others recommend uploading to Dropbox first, but it’s a little bit complex and what’s more, we all know Dropbox has a limitation on its free storage space. So, is there any way to directly transfer PS4 videos to iPhone from USB?

To suit your needs best, you might as well have a try at IOTransfer iPhone transfer software, a powerful and multifunctional tool to transfer data between iPhone, iPad, iPod, and PC. Plug the USB stick into PC, connect your iPhone to PC, and then you can export the PS4 recording video from the PC to iPhone. Only 2 steps are required, simpler and safer than any other methods.

Firstly, Save A PS4 Recording to A USB Stick

Notice: Only USB 3.0 is supported for PS4 recording transfer.

1.       Plug your USB into PS4.

2.       Start your PS4, head to Capture Gallery on the interface where you will see a list of games that you have saved recordings from. Select the name of the game with the PS4 recording you want.

3.       Go to Video Clips, and press the option button on your controller. Select “Copy to USB Storage” and then select the video you want to transfer. Lastly, click on “Copy”. Normally, you just need to wait for around 3 to 4 minutes before the transferring process is finished.

How to save PS4 videos on iPhone? Free download the ultimate iPhone transfer software to transfer PS4 recordings to iPhone with much ease.

Secondly, Transfer PS4 Videos to iPhone Directly

Step 1 Preparation before Video Transfer

Insert your USB stick into PC, and then install and launch IOTransfer, connect your iPhone to PC and wait until it’s recognized. If the notice “Trust This Computer” pops up, simply click on “Trust”. 

how to transfer ps4 clips to iphone

Step 2 Begin the PS4 Video Transfer

Go to “MANAGE” at the top, select “Videos” on the left of the opened panel, click on “Import”, go to the folder named PS4 in your USB, select the PS4 recording video you want to transfer and double-click on it. Wait for a few seconds before it’s finished. Now you can check the PS4 recording in the video App on your iPhone.

how to get clips from ps4 to iphone

How to transfer PS4 videos to iPhone? Only 2 steps, I didn’t lie, right? Free download this user-friendly iPhone transfer software to help to transfer PS4 video clips and screenshots to iPhone and iPad in the most convenient way!

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