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Home > Tips > How to Download Voice Memos from iPhone with or without iTunes

How to Download Voice Memos from iPhone with or without iTunes

You use iPhone Voice Memo App to record something important and don’t want it to be lost. So, how to download voice memos from iPhone to PC with/without iTunes for backup is the major topic in the following tutorial.

Updated Sep 29,2018 | by Micky

iPhone Voice Memo App makes it really easy to record something important such as a conversation or an interview, simply by speaking to the device instead of tapping on the tiny screen to write it down.

Since it’s a kind of memo, it’s necessary for users to back it up in case of loss and also, in this way, large storage space can be saved as well.

When talking about iOS backup, the first thing that comes across your mind must be iTunes, right?

In this tutorial, we’re learning how to download voice memos from iPhone to PC via iTunes, email, and the most powerful third-party iPhone transfer software.


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How to Download Voice Memos from iPhone via iTunes

Although iTunes is not the most convenient method to finish this job, in terms of its popularity and reputation among iOS users, it’s necessary to learn to back up voice memos by using this Apple’s official method.

As voice memos belong to music in iTunes, you have to back up your music and the playlist first. Otherwise, the music data might be overwritten in the course of the synchronization. That’s also one of iTunes defects users always complain about.

1.       Connect the iPhone to PC via a USB cable and launch iTunes.

2.       Tap on your iPhone on the left.


3.       Select “Music” under “Settings”. Then, tick off “Sync Music” and “Include Voice Memos” below.


4.       Sync the memos by clicking on “Apply”.

5.       Now, you can find the memo files in the music list.

How to Back up Voice Memos on iPhone via Mail

If the size of the memo you want to transfer is not too big, you can consider making use of e-mail to get it done. Otherwise, you should consider using the method mentioned above or the following third-party software.

1.       Open the Voice Memo App on your iPhone.

2.       Select the memo file you want to transfer.

3.       Tap on “Share”

4.       Tap on “Mail” and follow the onscreen guide to send it to your email account. Then, you can open it up on your computer.


How to Back up iPhone Voice Memos to PC via Third-party Software

Do you think both the iTunes and Mail “tricks” are a little bit complex, not directly enough?

If you’re looking for a simpler method, IOTransfer iPhone transfer software must be your best choice.

Within clicks, you can transfer any kinds of data including voice memos, music, videos, and photos across different iDevices and computer. Bulk transfer and delete are supported as well.

Free download it to transfer any files including voice memos from your iPhone to PC.

Download iPhone Voice Memos within 3 Steps

Step 1

First of all, install and launch IOTransfer. Then, get your iPhone and PC connected with each other via a USB cable and wait until the device detection is done.

When the notification “Trust This Computer” pops up on the phone’s screen, tap on “Trust” to continue.


Step 2

Click on “MANAGE” in the top toolbar. Choose “Voice Memos” on the left and tick off the memo files you need.

Step 3

Click on “Export”, preset an output folder and begin the iPhone to PC transfer process.

Wait several seconds before it’s finished.


Bottom Line

Now, I believe you have fully learnt how to back up iPhone voice memos with the 3 methods provided above and if you think they’re helpful, remember to share with your friends!

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