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Home > Tips > [2018]How to Create/Edit/Delete iPhone Albums

[2018]How to Create/Edit/Delete iPhone Albums

Do you think it’s a little bit complex to manage iPhone photo albums? In this tutorial, you will learn how to create/edit/delete iPhone albums in the quickest and easiest way.

Updated Sep 18,2018 | by Micky

For iPhone users, one of the most favorite features of the device should be the camera. With a self-stick, you can take photos to save most unforgettable memory everywhere you go.

The photos you take along with screenshots you take on the internet will be both saved to the Photos App.

If there are too many images in Photos App, it may take a bit of time to target the photos you want.

So, how to create/edit/delete iPhone Albums? In the following contents, details steps will be provided to teach you the best way to manage and sort your iPhone photos among albums.


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Method 1 Manage iPhone Photo Albums with Third-party Software

Instead of swiping on the tiny screen, there is another more convenient method for you to create new iPhone album and delete photos in bulk.

IOTransfer – the most powerful and versatile iPhone transfer software – allows you to manage all photos on your iPhone within clicks and set up new iPhone albums right on PC.

Besides iPhone album management, features like video download on mainstream sites and data transfer/backup are supported as well.

Free download to manage iPhone photo albums on PC with much more ease!

3 Steps to Create/Edit/Delete iPhone Albums

Step 1

Install and launch IOTransfer on your PC. Connect your iPhone to the computer and wait until the device is recognized. When the notification “Trust This Computer” pops up on the phone’s screen, tap on “Trust” to continue the process.


Step 2

Click on “MANAGE” in the top toolbar. In the pop-up window, click on “Photos” tab on the left.

Then, if you want to set up a new album, click on “Albums” and click on “+Create” in the pop-up box. Set a name for it and then, hit “Ok” to get it done.


Step 3

To delete photos from iPhone albums, choose “Camera Roll” or “Albums” and select the album where the photos you want to delete are.

Select the ones and click on “Delete” to remove them from your iPhone in bulk.


Method 2 Manage iPhone Albums Right on the Device

How to Create A New Album and Add Photos

You may think it’s a waste of storage to create a new album to save photos because, in that way, there will be 2 same photos on your iPhone, one in All Photos and the other in the album you set up. 

However, the one in the customized album is not a copy at all and is exactly the one in All Photos.

So, in this case, no extra storage space will be taken.

Now, let’s learn how to set up an album on your iPhone.

1.       Enter the Photos App and tap on “+” on the upper left.

2.       Enter a name for this album and click on “Save”.

3.       Go to the new album and click on “Edit” on the upper right.

4.       On the upper left, you can see “Add” appears. Click on it to continue.

5.       Now, all the photos on your iPhone will be listed. Select the ones you want to transfer by tapping on them and tap on “Done” to move them to the new album.

How to Edit Photos on iPhone

1.       Navigate to the album where the photo you want to edit is.

2.       Tap on the photo and then, “Edit” on the upper right.

3.       In the toolbar at the bottom, you can choose to customize the photo color, crop it, rotate it, and so on.

4.       When finished, tap on “Done”.


Delete iPhone Photos in Group

1.       Still, navigate to the album where the photos you want to delete are.

2.       Tap on “Select” on the upper right.

3.       Tap on the photos one by one.

4.       Tap on the trash bin icon on the upper left and choose “Remove from Album” to delete them all.

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Bottom Line

Today, you’ve learnt 2 ways to create/delete/edit iPhone albums.

I don’t know which one you prefer but hopefully, both of them can do you some favor when you need it.

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