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Home > Tips > [Top 3 Solutions] How to Clear Email Cache on iPhone

[Top 3 Solutions] How to Clear Email Cache on iPhone

Your iPhone email cache and cookies occupy so much storage that slows down your device? This time, I will mainly illustrate how to clear email cache on iPhone and give the best iPhone cleaning methods to finish this job.

Updated May 08,2018 | by Micky

Q: "How to clear Email cache iPhone because my device gets so slow after using Email for a long time."

iPhone’s mail App is renowned for its great convenience that all users can have access to various mail providers like Yahoo, Gmail, and Outlook, sending and receiving email messages within several clicks with much ease. Almost every iPhone user keeps using these features at intervals for business or other purposes.

However, over time, the mail cache can be accumulated which dramatically slows down your device's computing speed. How to clear email cache on iPhone? This is what we are going to discuss in the following contents and some simple but practical solutions will be recommended.

Clear email cache iPhone

Before we start the iPhone mail storage delete, please first check how much space the mail App has already occupied to decide whether or not you need to clear iPhone email cache.

1.       Go to “Settings” on the main screen.

2.       Tap on “General”

3.       Tap on “Storage & iCloud Usage”.

4.       Tap on “Manage Storage” and you can see a list of Apps including “Mail” along with the storage sizes they take.

iPhone delete email cache

Solution 1. How to Clear Email Cache iPhone by Manually Deleting

Simple but effective, to delete iPhone emails, especially those ones with large attachments does save quite a lot of space. Following the steps below to have a try

1.       Open “Mail” App first.

2.       Select the unwanted emails, tap on “Move” and move them to the trash. Remember to empty the trash after it’s done.

3.       To find the emails with large attachments, tap on “Mailboxes”, hit “Edit”, enable the “Attachments” mailbox, and find the emails with large attachments to delete.

Solution 2. How to Clear Email on iPhone by Deleting and Re-adding the Account

If you think the solutions given above are too complicated and you don’t want to delete any emails for some of them are literally important, you might as well try some new methods. To uninstall and reinstall the mail App can remove all iPhone email cache once for all as well as to delete and re-add your email account. Since everybody knows the uninstalling-reinstalling process, let's focus on the latter one.

1.       Go to “Settings” and tap on “Mail, Contacts, Calendars.”

2.       Tap on your email account.

3.       Select “Delete” and tap “confirm”.

4.       Tap on “Add Account” to retrieve your email account.

Solution 3. Clear Email on iPhone within only 2 Click

I wish the given methods above worked out well. But think twice, don’t you feel they are still far complicated. You have to either remove emails manually or delete your mail App or account on regular basis which is a rather time-consuming job. In this case, a much more convenient third-party program should be helpful. IOTransfer, a versatile iPhone manager, can not only delete email cache, but also is able to clear all kinds of junk files and history cookies generated by iPhone Apps and browsers, dramatically speeding up your iPhone and iPad.

Moreover, IOTransfer also enable its users to download online videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion, convert videos to more than 20 formats and transfer data across different iDevices and PC. It is such a functional tool!

How to delete email history and cache on iPhone? Free download the most efficient and convenient iPhone cleaner to keep it in the best state. Next, let's get the most out of it!

Step 1 Connect iPhone to PC

Install and launch IOTransfer, connect your iPhone or iPad to PC and wait until it’s recognized. If the notification “Trust This Computer” pops up, click on “Trust” to continue.


If your iPhone can't be recognized by the computer even after a long-time waiting, please disconnect the device from your PC and replug it again.


Step 2 Begin to Clear Email Cache on iPhone

Go to “CLEAN” at the top of the interface where you can check the stats of last cleaning and total cleaning. Click on the blue button “Scan My iPad” or “Scan My iPhone” to launch the cleaning. Wait for several seconds before it’s finished

Now, you can refer to the video based on "how to clean up iPhone for more storage".

Bottom Line

By using IOTransfer, you can clear all cache and junk files on your iPhone or iPad at the fastest speed.

How to clear email cache on iPhone? Try IOTransfer iPhone transfer software and enjoy the easiest way to keep your iPhone clean!

Other Helpful Features of IOTransfer

1.       Convert HEIC photos to JPG.

2.       Directly download YouTube videos to iPhone and iPad.

3.       Back up all data on iPhone and iPad.

4.       Transfer PDF to iBook on iPhone.

5.       Delete unused Apps on your iPhone.

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