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Home > Tips > Detailed Steps on How to Access iCloud Photo Library On The Web

Detailed Steps on How to Access iCloud Photo Library On The Web

How to view your own iPhone photos when without your device? In this tutorial, you will learn the most detailed steps on how to access your iCloud photo library with ease so that you can view your iPhone photos on any browsers.

Updated Aug 26,2016 | by Mike

iCloud Photo Library allows you to access all your pictures and videos from anywhere through the web.

Sure, the Photos apps for iOS and OS X are fast, convenient, and loaded with features, but there might be a time when neither of them is available for you. That's when iCloud Photo Library comes to the stage — because you can access everything you have online straight from any web browsers. All you need is a stable internet connection, your Apple ID login details, and

It should be noted that it might take a while the first time you load iCloud Photo Library on the web. If you see Preparing Library..., either be patient or come back later. Even if you leave temporarily, your library will still continue to load. So don't worry. This only happens at the first time. Once it's done, your entire photo library will appear and subsequent loading periods will be much shorter.

Guide on How to Access iCloud Photo Library on the Web 

1. Launch any web browser and then go to

2. Click on the Photos icon from the main menu.


Now patiently wait for iCloud to load the images


That's how to login to iCloud photo library. Pretty much easy, isn't it?

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