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Home > Tips > 2 Ways to Set up Apple Music Sleep Timer on iPhone

2 Ways to Set up Apple Music Sleep Timer on iPhone

Learn to enable sleep timer on iPhone to fall asleep while listening to music, podcast, or other media players. You can also use Workflow to create a custom Apple Music sleep timer.

Updated Aug 10,2018 | by Cody

Do you want to listen to music while falling asleep? In this article, I will show you 2 ways to create Apple Music sleep timer.

The best part:

You do not need to download any apps because what we are going to use is a barely known feature on iOS. What if you want a sleep timer for Spotify, Podcasts, audiobooks, or even YouTube? I get you covered. Keep reading on to find it out.

Built-in Sleep Timer on iOS

This iPhone sleep timer applies to all the media player on your iOS device. Just follow the step below to get started.

Step 1. Open Apple Music and start playing any songs you like listening to.

Step 2. Place your finger below the screen and slide up to reveal Control Center.


Step 3. Tap on the clock icon to go to the Timer tab of Clock app.

Step 4. Tap When Timer Ends, and then scroll all the way down to the bottom and select Stop Playing.


Step 5. Pick a time for however long you want to listen the music, and click Start.

In step 2, you can also open the Clock app and select the Timer tab. Now when the timer ends, whatever audio or video is playing will stop. If you want a sleep timer for Spotify or YouTube, just simply play Spotify music or YouTube videos instead of Apple Music. If you don't like the built-in Spotify Sleep Timer, this is a very good alternative. 

Apple Music Sleep Timer Shortcuts

If you only want a custom sleep timer for Apple Music, then you can use Shortcuts app (previously known as Workflow), which is a task automation tool, to create one. Workflow was brought by Apple. In iOS 12, Apple makes it a built-in app but with a different name Shortcuts.

Let’s see how it works

Step 1. Go to Appstore to download this app Shortcuts.

Step 2. Get this My Sleep Timer shortcut.

Step 3. Open Workflow and tap the Play button to run this workflow.


Step 4. Set however long you need to play music.

Step 5. Select songs or playlist to play. You can easily pick a few songs in your Apple Music library to play or start to play a certain playlist.

After that, your selected songs or playlist will start playing. Using this way, you can play a few songs you like without the need to create a playlist, and you don’t even need to open the Apple Music app.

Bonus Tip: Transfer Music to iPhone without iTunes

If you have downloaded music on your computer, you can use an easier tool to transfer them to your iPhone, so you can use the Music app to play them.

All you need is iPhone transfer software IOTransfer, which allows you to transfer music between PC and iPhone. You can free download it now to get started.

After installing IOTransfer, connect your iPhone to this computer via lightning cable. Then open IOTransfer and go to Manage tab > Music > Import to select songs on your computer to transfer to your iPhone.


If no USB cable around, no problem. This tool IOTransfer also has Wi-Fi file transfer feature that allows you to transfer files between iPhone and PC wirelessly.

What’s more, IOTransfer can help you clean up your iPhone for caches/junk files, download videos from YouTube and other sites, convert video to other formats, etc.

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