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Home > Tips > [Tutorial]How to Completely Delete iCloud/iTunes Backup

[Tutorial]How to Completely Delete iCloud/iTunes Backup

Why should I delete iCloud backup and iTunes backup and how should I do that? Carry on and find your answers in the following tutorial.

Updated Apr 18,2018 | by Micky

Why Should I Delete iCloud/iTunes Backup

Under what circumstance should I delete iCloud/iTunes backup? To back up iOS devices, the most we can think of are iCloud and iTunes. The former one is a cloud service developed by Apple for online iOS data store and cloud calculation. The latter one, iTunes, is a media player application also used to manage/back up your iPhone data including music, videos, photos, and contacts.

As iCloud only offers a 5-GB free storage while iTunes takes up space on your PC, it will be sooner or later that all the iCloud space gets used up or that your PC becomes slow due to too many iTunes backup files. So, sometimes it will be necessary for iCloud/iTunes backup delete

Part 1 – Detailed Steps on iCloud Backup Delete

1.       Go to “Settings” on your iOS device

2.       Tap on your Apple ID which should be the name you used to sign up.

3.       Tap “iCloud” and then tap “Manage Storage” below iCloud.

4.       Tap “Backup” and select the device you want to delete.

5.       Tap “Delete Backup” at the bottom.

6.       Tap “Turn Off & Delete”.


Part 2 The Right Way to Delete iTunes Backup

How to Delete iTunes Backup Directly in iTunes on Windows PC

1.       Launch iTunes on your PC.

2.       Go to “Edit” and “Preferences”.

3.       Select “Devices” and select the iTunes backup you want to delete.

4.       Then, click on “Delete Backup” and confirm it.

The Right Steps to for iTunes Backup Delete from Its Application Folder on Windows PC

Follow the path of usersusernameAppDataRoamingApple ComputerMobileSyncBackup. Then, you can directly delete iTunes backup from the application folder.

Part 3 Consider Any Alternative for iPhone Backup?

If you are still bothered by the insufficient storage space of iCloud and iTunes, I’m recommending another more convenient iPhone transfer software to help to back up your data. As we all know, via iTunes, you can only back up complete iPhone data which means it is impossible to select a certain kind of files for backup. For example, once you select to back up photos from your iPhone to PC, other files like contacts and videos will all come along and in this case, the storage space can be quickly used up. Besides frequently deleting iCloud and iTunes backup, IOTransfer can be your best choice to save your iPhone data. Unlike iTunes, you can back up the selected files from iPhone to PC within clicks.

Free download the ultimate iPhone transfer software so that you don’t need to constantly delete iCloud backup and iTune backup.

How to Back up iPhone to PC within 2 Steps

Step 1 Preparation before Data Transfer

Install and launch IOTransfer, connect your iPhone to PC via a USB cable and wait until the iPhone gets recognized. If the warning “Trust This Computer” pops up, simply click on “Trust” to continue.


Step 2 Begin iPhone Data Trasfer

Preset an output folder for the iPhone backup first. Go to “MANAG”E and select a type of files you want to back up in the left list, for example, music. You can tick off “Select All” at the top or tick off the tiny blank box before each item to select the music you want to transfer. Then, click on “Export”, choose the folder you previously set to save the music backup and begin the transferring process which will be completed within seconds.


I hope you have already understood the correct ways to clear iCloud backup and delete iTunes backup after working your way through the whole tutorial. If you think both of them are inconvenient for iOS backup, try the software I recommended in the end!

More Special Features of IOTransfer

1.       Download Instagram videos within a few clicks.

2.       Convert HEIC Photos to JPG.

3.       Transfer PDF from PC to iBook on iPhone.

4.       Clear App cache and junk files on iPhone

5.       Delete unused Apps from iPhone.

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