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Home > Tips > How to Transfer Apps from iPhone to iPhone

How to Transfer Apps from iPhone to iPhone

Transferring apps from iPhone to iPhone can be a biggest concern for iPhone users sometime. The best way to accomplish this would be through either iCloud or iTunes. Reading the following steps make sure transfer all your apps from one iPhone to another.

Updated Aug 24,2016 | by Shannon

Acquiring a new iPhone is incredibly exciting and puts you in front of the pack as far as technology is concerned. One of the people’s biggest concerns when they get their new iPhone is whether they are going to be able to transfer all of their apps and data over efficiently from one phone to another. The best way to accomplish this would be through either iCloud or iTunes. iCloud can be relatively slower depending on how many apps you want to transfer and how fast your Wi-Fi speed is, but either way is efficient. Here are the steps to move apps from iPhone to iPhone .


1. Backup the apps on your old iPhone

You want to start by backing up your old iPhone to either iCloud or iTunes before you start any process with your new phone. To backup your data on iTunes you plug your phone into your computer and open iTunes on your desktop. Find the button that says “Back Up Now” and click it. To back up your phone using iCloud you go into your phone under Settings, then iCloud, then Backup. Once you click on the Backup tab, you will have to click on the backup button. Both of these methods could take a moment so make sure they are reading completely before moving on to the next step.


2. Setup your new iPhone

Turn on your new iPhone and simply follow the prompts on the screen to set up your new device.


3. Restore apps from your old iPhone to the new one

Once you have set up your new device you will be prompted to enter your Apple ID. When this is introduced and accepted, you will be given the choice to either set up your phone as a brand new device or restore your phone using either iTunes or iCloud. You will want to choose the option to restore and then choose which method you wish to use.You will then select the most recent backup from your old device.


4. Wait until iTunes or iCloud finish the restoring

Once you have selected your restoring choice you will just have to wait until iTunes or iCloud is finishing restoring and uploading everything to your new phone. The time it takes to complete this depends on some factors, but it shouldn’t take too long. Make sure you have ample battery during this step otherwise your phone will shut off, and you will have to start all over again.


5. Enjoy apps on your new iPhone

At this point all of your apps, photos, messages and contacts should be restored to your new iPhone. Sit back and enjoy your games and your favorite apps on new device.


This is a very simple way to make sure transfer all of your apps from one iPhone to another. You can also do this with other Apple devices such as iPads and certain iPods. Always make sure your phone automatically backs itself up to iCloud periodically otherwise you may be left missing data and applications the next time you purchase a new device. 


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