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Home > Tips > [Infographic] 8 Fun Facts of iPhone You Probably Don’t Know- IOTransfer

[Infographic] 8 Fun Facts of iPhone You Probably Don’t Know- IOTransfer

This infographic contains 8 fun facts of iPhone that you probably don’t know.

Updated Apr 10,2017 | by Bennie

Since its first release in 2007, Apple iPhone has brought countless revolution in the Smartphone market, obsoleting every other smartphone on the planet in every way that mattered. It changed the way how people used a cell phone, from the way we text/take a photo/view pictures, to the way we play games and listen to music. So far, iPhone’s evolution is connected with more than 200 registered patents, which is quite remarkable for just one single phone.

So how much do you know about this amazing cell phone besides the information you got from news and reviews? Do you know that iPhone was named Purple back when the iPhone was being developed? Apple and Motorola worked together in 2005 to launch a phone called ROKR E1. This infographic will present you 8 fun facts of iPhone that you probably haven’t known yet.

Enjoy reading this infographic and feel free to share to your friends.

8 fun facts of iPhone.png

Infographic created by IOTransfer - easily transfer iPhone data to PC/Mac/iPad/iPod.

Additional information to the 8 fun facts of iPhone:

#1 Jarrod McKinney's phone landed on a building. He used a GPS Tracking app so that he can find his iPhone easily. When he found his phone he was even able to attend his phone calls with it.

#2 Apple reveal events start at 9 am, and the iPhone ads usually appear on the screen 40 minutes later. They want that the time shown on the ads to be close to the actual time on the audience’s watches.

#4 iPhone was used by 8% of people only in 2010, taking the first place among smartphones market.

#5 Cisco actually sued Apple for using ‘iPhone’ as the name of its smartphone. Both companies reached a settlement, agreeing to work together on products in the future.

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