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How to Transfer From Android to iPhone

Easy tips on how to move / transfer from Android to iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Updated Jan 22,2017 | by Mike

Transferring data and phone contents from Android to iOS could be challenging if you don’t have the idea on how to do it. Besides the Apple’s user friendly Move to iOS app, there are a lot of alternatives of how to transfer from android to iPhone that you can utilize to transfer your Android data to iPhone. The common type of data that people are most likely going to transfer to an iPhone smartphone include contacts, apps, photos and music among other vital information. The key aim is to ensure that data transfer is done without any loss or compromise.

Back Up Your Data 

In this process, you are required to backup your android smartphone contents to either the cloud or a desktop machine where it would be easily possible to get or retrieve the data. Once you are done, you would then proceed to synchronize to your iPhone. It is regarded as the simplest way of how to transfer from android to iPhone. To add on to this simplicity and efficiency of data transfer, Apple recently launched an Android App that helps people to perform this task easily and comfortable.

Using The Move to iOS App 

This is a multi-data Android to iPhone transfer App that allows users to transfer contacts, chats history, music, email, and social media accounts many other peculiar data aspects that you have in your Android phone. It is available in iOS 9 and 10 operating system that it is very efficient guaranteeing people that no data loss would occur during transfer. This App also allows free installation of Apps from the Android phone that is available on the iOS app store. To enhance this function further, the Apple Android App helps Android users to recycle their phone. For those looking for ways on how to transfer from android to iPhone, this could be among the best ones for them.

Use Google Accounts to Transfer Data 

Android users normally have Google accounts like Gmail, Drive or Google Play. The norm with Google is that most of these accounts are associated with your phone contacts, and even if you lose your phone, you would still be able to get your data. Synchronize your contacts by enabling synchronization on your Gmail account after you have logged in to your account. After that, go to iPhone and Log in your Gmail account. Synchronize as well and enable contacts. You should be able to see all your Gmail contacts displayed. This is one of the simple ways of how to transfer from android to iPhone, but the only limitation is that it does not transfer music and phone contacts.

Transfer of Music, Photos and Video Clips 

First, you would be required to get those specified files to your PC or Mac. From there, you need to get them to iTunes then lastly synchronize your iPhone. It is not a long process, and it is very simple plus Apple provides a free guideline on how to transfer from android to iPhone using this method. You can also use an iPhone manager to manage files easily between your PC/Mac and iPhone.

Transferring data from Android to Apple Phone is easy once you know the best methods to do that. The only challenging thing is the transfer of Apps because you might need to pay for data transfer apps.

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