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Home > Tips > How to Solve Windows Media Player Not Playing iPhone Videos

How to Solve Windows Media Player Not Playing iPhone Videos

In this tutorial, I will illustrate why sometimes WMP fails in playing iPhone videos and how to solve Windows Media Player not playing iPhone by bringing in 2 most effective methods.

Updated Feb 24,2018 | by Bennie

After we record a stream of video or when the iPhone memory card is full, we may need to transfer the iPhone videos to PC for backup. However, sometimes the Windows Media Player cannot read the video file due to incompatible video encoders. For example, the warning “Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the encoder that was used to compress the file” pops up when trying opening the video.

In this article, I will explain how to solve Windows Media Player not playing iPhone videos issue by introducing 2 best methods.


Method 1: Find A Convenient Video Conversion Program

Since we have already known where the problem is, we will need an effective tool to help us repair the problematic encoder in the iPhone videos when played on Windows Media Player. But which video conversion program should we choose since there are many like WonderShare, HandBrake and IdealShare? The crucial problem is most of them are not free and only provide you a trial version with defects, and if you want to gain further functions you must pay quite a lot bill with a price around 30 dollars. The worst is that the video quality cannot be always guaranteed in the course of conversion process.

Now, you must feel puzzled? Don’t worry, because this time I will bring you a brand new free multifunctional video conversion program – iFun Video Converter. It offers over 150 formats and encoders for you to choose from, including those most compatible ones with Windows Media Player, VLC, iPhone series and so on.

Free download the simplest video converter to learn how to solve Windows Media Player not playing iPhone videos issue.

How to Convert iPhone Videos to PC and Play on WMP within 3 Steps?

Step 1

Firstly, free download the program of iFun Video Converter free. After having exported your videos from iPhone to PC with iOS transfer tool like IOTransfer (if you already have the video on your pc you don’t need to do this), launch iFun Video Converter. Click on “Add Files” on the upper left side and choose the problematic video, or in a more direct way, you can just drag the video to the interface from where it is.


Step 2

Go to the right side and click on the triangle button below “Output Format”. In the drop-down list, you can choose which video player or platform you want to play on and the system will give you the most optimized encoders and parameters for the video. Here we choose Windows Media Player as the output.


Step 3

Click on the round blue button “Convert” to start the conversion process. Within a short time it will be completed. You can find the output video by hitting “Open output folder” when you moving the cursor to the video’s name. After all is finished, use your Windows Media Player to test whether the video plays right.

Hint: iFun Video converter is also a powerful video compressor. In the example, I add a 6.58MB video to this program and after the conversion, the output video becomes only 1.43 MB, more than 4 times smaller than the original one. You, you can also use this video converter to compress MP4 or reduce AVI file size.


Method 2: Solve Windows Media Player Not Playing iPhone Videos without Third-party Tool

Windows Media Player Not Playing iPhone Videos can also be caused by incomplete codec on your PC. In this case, you should download the latest Windows Media codec pack. Here is an address where you can free download the pack:

Now, since you have already got the answer to how to solve Windows Media Player not playing iPhone Videos, why not have a try and share it with your friends who have the same demands.

Click here to download the best video converter for free:

Other Practical Features of iFun Video Converter

1.       Adding or removing video subtitles.

2.       Changing audio track in a video.

3.       Ripping DVD to several kinds of formats.

4.       Quickly converting 2D videos to 3D VR.

5.       Downloading lossless videos from mainstream sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

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Bonus Tips: For Video Download and Transfer to iPhone

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More than video transfer between iPhone and PC, IOTransfer also enable you to download any videos you want from mainstream sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.

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