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Home > Tips > How to Save Battery Life on iPhone X: Tricks to Improve Battery Life of iPhone X

How to Save Battery Life on iPhone X: Tricks to Improve Battery Life of iPhone X

If you have found the power drain too fast on your iPhone X than expected, and wonder how to save battery life on iPhone X, you may try out these tricks to improve battery life of your iPhone X to make the battery last longer.

Updated Nov 24,2017 | by Shannon

One of the major improvements come with iPhone X is the iPhone X battery, a built-in Lithium-ion battery which is told to last 2 hours longer than iPhone 7, as well as supporting wireless charging. However, if you have found the power drains too fast on your iPhone X than expected, and wonder how to save battery life on iPhone X, you may try out these 4 tricks to improve battery of iPhone X.

How to Save Battery Life on iPhone X

1. Turn off Location Services

One of the tricks we used in all iPhone models is to turn off location services. As some apps will track your location and constantly work in the background, which put a lot pressure on your device and heat it up. 

To check which apps are using location services, go to Settings, scroll down to Privacy, then tap on Location Services. 

Apart from the time when you are using Google Maps or other services that require GPS, you don't need location services to be always open, which drain your battery in a hefty manner. So, you should turn off unnecessary location services in each app.

2. Check Battery Usage

iPhone X, like many other iPhone models, allows you to view battery usage. In that way, you can find out which apps consume more power in last 24 hours or in last 4 days. If there are any apps which are using more battery than naturally expected, you should uninstall and reinstall them.

To check iPhone X battery usage, go to Settings > Battery.

3. Enable Low Power Mode

Low power mode will extend battery life on iPhone X, especially when your battery is dying. Once Low Power Mode is activated, it will disable features such as Hey Siri, automatic updates and background app refresh to preserve battery. To enable Low Power Mode, go to Settings > Battery, and switch on the option of Low Power Mode. 

4. Update iOS on iPhone X

Apple always recommends to update to the latest iOS to make iPhone run smoothly. If you are facing battery drain too fast problem on your iPhone X. You may try updating to the latest iOS version. Normally, Apple release new version to fix bugs in the previous version. To update iOS on iPhone X, go to Settings > General, Tap on Software Update. The system will check for updates automatically. If there is, it will show the option to Download and Install the upgrade. You should try to keep your iPhone as latest updated as possible.

These are 4 ways on how to save battery on iPhone X. Among them, use whatever method you find the most effective.

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