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Home > Tips > How to Fix iPhone Slow – iPhone 6/6 Plus/7 Too Slow

How to Fix iPhone Slow – iPhone 6/6 Plus/7 Too Slow

This article gives the solution to the issue that iPhone 6/6 plus/7 is too slow.

Updated Aug 07,2018 | by Micky

Most of the iPhone users may say their iPhone is always running fast and smoothly, they seldom or never encounter the issue that it is slowing down. Yes, compared with the Android phone, iPhone is much faster and offers a smoother experience.

However, some iPhone users do find that their iPhone 6/6 plus/7 is running slower than it should. Take my friend Lily for example, she was very distressed and asked everyone she knows for help because her iPhone 6 was running extremely slow after upgrading to iOS 11 in last September. She was so regretful and tried everything to downgrade her iPhone to its previous iOS version. How annoying it was! The one who is now reading this article like you must encounter the similar issue with her.

So in the following paragraphs, we will analyze those factors that slow down your iPhone and introduce some guides or tips on how to fix the issue that iPhone 6/6 plus/7 is too slow.


Common factors that may slow down your iPhone 6/6 Plus/7

Excepting the age and usage history, there are also other factors that can trigger relevant performance issues of your iPhone 6/6 Plus/7:

1. Your iPhone may be running out of storage space.

Multimedia contents like photos, music, videos can occupy a huge amount of space of your iPhone. You can delete these types of contents especially if they are no longer being necessary. Or you can transfer them to a PC as a backup if you want to keep them.

2. Browser cookies, history, data and other app caches clogged up.

Accumulated history files or cached data may also be the culprit as to why your iPhone is slowing down. Clearing the App cache and browser cookies can potentially get the problem fixed and get your iPhone back to its normal processing speed.

Please note that clearing the browser data will also erase your current website preferences and settings. So be sure to take note of them before you start.

3. Multiple apps running in the background.

Using several heavy applications simultaneously and leaving them running in the background can somehow affect your iPhone’s overall performance.  Running of multiple heavy apps at the same time can cause the processor to become overloaded with processes and inputted requests

To prevent this from happening, closing of any unused apps running in the background is highly recommended.

4. Incompatible iOS version caused by the upgrade.

Assuming your iPhone supports the latest version, updating will grab the latest patches and fixes for known problems. But be wary. It's a great strategy for newish devices, but on older iOS devices, it's possible that updating will actually slow it down because it struggles to run the more demanding OS.

So, in conclusion, the recommended workarounds and tips to speed up your iPhone 6/6 Plus/7 listed below:

1. Clear browser cache, history, data and other app caches.

2. Manage your iPhone’s internal storage by syncing/transferring/ deleting apps, Multimedia contents and more.

3. Shut down all unnecessary applications that are running in the background.

4. Be cautious when upgrading your iOS to the latest version by checking the hardware requirement of the new iOS.

Four Steps to Speed up your iPhone with IOTransfer

For the last two tips, you have no choice but to check and operate by yourself. But for the first two workarounds, there are a lot of tools can help you. IOTransfer 3 is such a tool, which is a perfect  iOS cleaner and iOS content manager.

To know how it helps you to clean and speed up your iOS device, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download IOTranfer for free and install it on your computer. Then run it.

Step 2: Plug in your iPhone with USB cable. Tap on ‘Trust’ if it asks for permission.

Step 3: Click the CLEAN tab. It will display the files that recommend to clean, you can click on the Details text link to check what are those files.


Step4:  Click the Clean My iPhone button to easily and safely clean the extra files on your iPhone. 


Besides using the Clean feature on IOTransfer to free up space and speed up your iPhone, you can also try to transfer the photos, music, video files to PC to free up more space, and then your iPhone will run faster and smoother.

What's more, IOTransfer 3 does not only works as a good iOS cleaner and iOS data manager but also helps to download and sync your favorite online videos to your iPhone in an easy way. 

If you think this article is useful, please do not forget to share it with others who have the same needs. 

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