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Home > Tips > How to Download Instagram Videos to PC and iPhone/iPad

How to Download Instagram Videos to PC and iPhone/iPad

Learn the 5 ways to download Instagram videos to PC and iPhone/iPad. This article will show you how to easily download videos from Instagram to PC, and directly to iPhone/iPad.

Updated Mar 15,2018 | by Admin

Instagram is a wonderful platform for people to watch all kinds of videos. You’ll find funny videos, makeup videos, yoga tutorial, movie clips and so on. If you are a heavy user of Instagram, you must have met the situation that you want to download the video you found on Instagram to your computer or iPhone and share it with your Facebook friends or Twitter followers. However, it seems no way to do that because Instagram doesn't allow users to save its content. This article will show you 5 ways on how to download Instagram videos to PC and iPhone/iPad.

Part 1: How to Download Instagram Videos to PC

In addition to downloading Instagram photos, there are three methods to download Instagram videos to a computer which includes using a third-party software, using Free Online Video Downloader and directly downloading through Browser.

Method 1: Download Instagram Videos to PC with a Third-party Software

If you are looking for an efficient tool that saves you a lot of time and energy, IOTransfer can be a good helper for you. It’s a powerful and user-friendly video downloader to download videos from Instagram as well as YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, etc.

Simple Guides on How to Download Videos from Instagram using IOTransfer:

Step 1 Copy the URL of the video.


Step 2 Open IOTransfer, go to the VIDEO section and paste the URL  into the address bar.

Step 3 Select the location for the video and then hit “Download” button for starting your download.


Tips: By using IOTransfer, you can check the box above the “Download” button to automatically transfer the downloaded videos into your iOS device.

Method 2: Download Instagram Videos to PC Using Online Video Downloader

Instagram Video Downloader is a completely free site. Below is the guide to download a video step by step. It’s very easy and time-saving. Let’s get started!

Easy Steps to Download Instagram Videos to PC:

Step 1 Open an Instagram video and copy the URL

Step 2 Paste the link into the text field on the site. Shortly, basic information about the video pops up including video quality, file type, and the entrance for free download.


Step 3 Click “Download” and the video will start playing in a new tab. Just right-click on the video and select “Save video as”.

Step 4 Choose the location and rename the video, then click “Save” to download.

Method 3: Download Instagram Videos to PC through Browser

Actually, you can download Instagram videos to PC directly using your browser without any software or website. It takes much longer than other two methods. If you happen to be interested in code, just follow the steps below.

Step 1 Play the video that you want to download on your browser

Step 2 Right-click on it and select Inspect element, and a box will pop up.

Step 3 Tap Ctrl + F keys to open the search box, type”mp4” and tap “Enter”.

Step 4 A string of code that contains high-lighted "mp4" will appear and you need to copy the link in the double quotation mark of "src=", and then paste it into a new page.


Step 5 Right-click on the video and select“Save video as”.

Step 6 Give the video a new name and choose a saving location, then click “Save”.

You have already learned 3 ways to download videos from Instagram to PC. As you can see, downloading Instagram videos using IOTransfer only needs 3 steps. Download and make good use of it, then you can instantly download your favorite videos without any problems.

Part 2: How to Download Instagram Videos to iPhone/iPad

Plenty of people want to share interesting videos from Instagram with their friends on WhatsApp, Vine, or other mobile apps. But they don’t know how to do it. Next, I'm going to introduce two methods on how to download Instagram videos to your iOS device.

Method 1: Download Instagram Videos to iPhone/iPad with IOTransfer

If you have used IOTransfer, you are on the halfway to finish your video download to your iPhone/iPad. Follow the steps in part 1 method 1, then open the software again, find the “finished” page that displays all the downloaded videos. Choose the one you want to transfer to your iOS device and click the “phone” icon.


Free Online Video Downloaders

YouTube Video Downloader                Instagram Video Downloader    

Facebook Video Downloader              Twitter Video Downloader

Method 2: Download Instagram Videos to iPhone/iPad with Repostly.

Repostly is a useful app that allows you to save Instagram videos to your iPhone/iPad and to repost them to your Instagram directly. Let’s see how it works.


Firstly, open Instagram on your iPhone and choose the video you want to download. Secondly,  click on the 3 dots and “copy link”. Thirdly, open Repostly app, tap to paste URL and now the video begins downloading. Shortly, the video was saved in camera roll on your iPhone and you can also click on “Repost to Instagram” button and repost your video. If you want to post it to your Vine, just tap the ”Vine” button on the top of the screen.


Although it allows us to download Instagram videos to an iOS device as well as repost them to Instagram or Vine as a video producer, Repostly still has some flaws you need to know: 1. There is no iPad version of the app so you have to download the iPhone version in the Apple app store. 2. The user interface is not clean because of so many advertisements. 3. Every video, no matter saved or reposted, has a watermark on the bottom and the app will charge if you want to clear it up.

Ending words

I've introduced five solutions on how to download Instagram videos to PC/iPhone/iPad. You are able to try the third-party software - IOTransfer, free online video downloader, or the video download app. Any of them requires only a few steps. From now on, you can download your favorite videos and watch them anytime and anywhere.


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