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Home > Tips > How to Delete Multiple/All Contacts on iPhone 6/6S/SE/7/8/X

How to Delete Multiple/All Contacts on iPhone 6/6S/SE/7/8/X

How to delete multiple/all contacts on iPhone 6/6s/SE/7/8/X since iPhone doesn’t offer an option for contact bulk delete? A feasible way will be introduced in the following contents to remove contacts from iPhone.

Updated Mar 28,2018 | by Micky

How to delete multiple/all contacts on iPhone 6/6S/SE/7/8/X one time? As we all know, iPhone series only allow users to remove iPhone contacts one by one which is literally time-consuming. But sometimes there are too many contacts on your iPhone and you don’t even know who those persons are and you want to only save the ones that you are in frequent touch with. So, is there any way to remove iPhone contacts in bulk within only a few clicks?


How to Delete Multiple Contacts on iPhone 6/6S/SE/7/8/X in A Much More Convenient Way

How to delete multiple/all contacts on iPhone without taping their names one by one? IOTransfer iPhone transfer software provides you with a better convenient way. With this mighty iPhone manager, the only thing you need to do is to select all contacts in your contact list and click on the deleting button. The whole process has been compressed into only 2 clicks compared with the original method. Meanwhile, besides iPhone contact deleting, contact edit and import are also supported.

How to remove contacts from iPhone? Free download the ultimate iPhone transfer software to help to delete iPhone contacts in bulk.

How to Remove Contacts from iPhone 6/6S/SE/7/8/X in Bulk within 2 Steps

Step 1 iPhone Contact Deleting Preparation

Install and launch IOTransfer, connect your iPhone to PC via a USB cable and wait until it’s recognized.


Step 2 Delete Multiple/All Contacts on iPhone 6/6S/SE/7/8/X

Go to MANAGE, then hit Contacts in the left list. Now your contacts with their names, phone numbers and emails will be presented on the interface. Select those you want to delete by ticking them off. Lastly, click on Delete to clear those contacts from iPhone.


After I introduce the brand new powerful iPhone manager software for iPhone contact bulk deleting, let’s review how to remove contacts from iPhone one by one, for it’s still the most widely used way among the public.

How to Clear Contacts on iPhone One by One

1.       Go to Contacts App on your iPhone

2.       Select the contact you want to delete and tap Edit on the right.

3.       Scroll down and tap Delete Contact.

4.       Repeat the steps above to delete multiple/all contacts on iPhone.

I didn’t lie, right? Only 2 steps and multiple/all iPhone contacts can be totally cleared! Now, free download the mightiest iPhone manager to delete and edit your iPhone contacts in the most convenient way!

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