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Home > Tips > How to Delete Backup on iTunes

How to Delete Backup on iTunes

Backup on iTunes takes lots of space. This article shows you how to delete backup on iTunes to regain space. Also you are recommended with a new tool to back up your iOS data.

Updated Jun 13,2018 | by Shannon

It is very convenient to back up your data with iTunes. But a lot of space will be used for backup and sometimes it can easily occupy several gigabytes of space. What’s more, the data is stored in the system disk by default and the path cannot be manually changed. Another annoying thing is that it will take more space to restore the backup. Undoubtedly, this will slow down our Windows computer greatly. Hence there is a great necessity to delete backup on iTunes. This article will show you how to delete iTunes backup to reclaim these space. Besides, it will also introduce you a new method to back up your data on iOS devices easily.

How to delete backup on iTunes?

It is not easy to locate the backup data on computer. So the best solution is to delete the backup inside iTunes. Let’s start now.

Step 1: Open iTunes on your computer. Connect your iOS device like iPhone or iPad to your computer via a USB cable.

Step 2: Click the phone icon at the interface of iTunes to read your connected iPhone or iPad. Click the Summary at top of the side menu to get your device information. View the information in the Backups section to check if you have backed up before.

1.1 tap the phone icon.jpg1.2 backup.jpg

Step 3: Click Edit and Preferences… to open the Devices Preferences settings.

1.3 edit-preference.jpg

Step 4: Choose Devices to edit your backup. Select the backup you want to delete. Click Delete Backup and Delete in the popup to delete the backup on iTunes. Click OK to close the window. Now the space taking backup is completely removed from your computer.

1.4 delete backup.jpg

A new method to back up your data with IOTransfer

As we said earlier in the article, we will introduce a new method to back up your data --- back up your iOS device with IOTransfer. IOTransfer is an all-in-one iOS data management and backup tool. You can back up all your pictures, videos, music, and contacts to your Windows computer with just one click.  You can also back up such data as iBooks, Podcast, Voice Memos, and Apps. Moreover, you can also transfer the backup or other data on your computer to your iOS devices. Now, let’s take a look at the detailed steps to back up your data on iOS device like iPhone or iPad via IOTransfer.

Step 1: Free download the backup tool IOTransfer . Install it on your computer and run it.

Step 2: Connect your iOS device like iPhone or iPad to the computer via a USB cable. If any permission request pops up on your device, please tap “Trust” to accept it.

Step 3: After your iPhone is connected and detected by IOTransfer, you will be at the Home page of IOTransfer. All pictures, music, videos, and contacts are ticked by default. You can click Transfer to PC to back up these data to your computer with one click. The backup only takes a very short time to finish.

2.1 Transfer to PC.jpg2.2 backup completed.jpg

After the backup completes, you can click Open file location to check the backup or click OK to close the window. If you want to back up other data on your iOS devices, you can read the following steps. Let’s take backing up the iBooks as an example.

Step 1: Click OK to close the window. Then click the MANAGE tab at top of the screen.

Step 2: Click iBooks at the navigation pane, tick the iBooks you want to back up or click Select All to have all iBooks ticked. Click Export and choose the location to save the backup. Click OK to start the backup.

2.3 back up ibooks.jpg

2.4 backup process.jpg

You can back up the voice memos, podcast, and apps with the same steps above.

You can customize the location where to save the backup and view the backup directly on the computer.

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