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Home > Tips > Free Way to Directly Save Vimeo Videos to iPhone/iPad

Free Way to Directly Save Vimeo Videos to iPhone/iPad

This article offers you a very easy and free way to directly save the desired Vimeo Videos to your iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. Besides, you can find a pretty efficient method to download Vimeo videos to your PC as well.

Updated Jun 13,2018 | by Shannon

Vimeo, one of the biggest video platforms today, the biggest rival of YouTube, the first video sharing website to support HD videos, undoubtedly has a very big archive of videos that are free to view on its website. And undoubtedly, among all the videos, there are many wonderful videos that you want to download and save to your iPhone/iPad, or to your PC so that you can watch them offline anywhere and anytime without ads. Though viewing the videos is fairly easy on Vimeo, the downloading is not so easy because there are very few Vimeo videos offering a downloading option. But don’t worry, this article will offer you a quite easy way to directly download videos from Vimeo to our iOS devices like iPhone/iPad

How to Directly Save Vimeo Videos to iPhone/iPad via IOTransfer

To directly download videos from Vimeo to your iOS devices like iPhone/iPad, an easy-to-use Vimeo video downloader will be used, and IOTransfer is such kind of downloader which is strongly recommended here. You can follow the detailed steps below to download Vimeo videos to your iPhone or iPad via IOTransfer right now.

Step 1: Free Download IOTransfer, then install and launch it. 

Step 2: Connect your iPhone or iPad or your other iOS device to the PC via a USB cable>>Tap on ‘Trust’ if it asks for permission on your iOS device>>After your device is recognized, click on “VIDEOS” on the upper right side>>Copy and paste the Vimeo video’s url into the box after URL >> Choose where you want to your computer (this is optional) >> tick off “Automatically transfer the downloaded videos into your iOS device.”>> click the Download button to start the downloading process.


Step 3: After the download is completed, the Vimeo video will be saved to your computer. And when the mobile phone icon is with a green check mark, it means the videos is already transferred and saved on your iPhone or iPad or other iOS device.


Now, you can view the downloaded video on your computer by clicking on the “Open local folder” link (see the red part in the above picture), or watch it on your iPhone or iPad by using the Videos app which is located on your iPhone or iPad.

So this is how to directly download Vimeo videos to your iPhone/iPad. The above method applies to downloading videos from the other popular websites as well. Only a few clicks can help to meet your needs to save your favorite Videos on your preferred iOS device.

How to Download Vimeo Videos to PC via Online Video Downloader

If you want to download Vimeo Videos to PC without any third-party tool, the Online Video Downloader we recommend below will be perfect for you. It’s perfect because it is unlike other online video downloaders, which may contain dangerous virus/trojans, bundled malware, or annoying pop-up ads. The one we recommend is safe, besides, its downloading speed is fast as well.

So, what is the Online Video Downloader? How does it work? Read on and you will find out the answer.

You can find the free online video downloader on IOTransfer official website. Or just click Free Online Video Downloader, then you will see the following page:


The operation instructions are very clear on the website:

Step 1: Copy and paste the URL of the wanted Vimeo video to the blank box>>click on “Download to PC”>>choose your preferred quality and type, and click the Download link beside the type you selected to go to the video window. 


Step 2: Click the download icon at the bottom right corner to begin the downloading process. online-download-icon.png

Note: This online video downloader only helps download Vimeo videos to your PC. Maybe you will ask what is the other blue button “Download to iPhone/iPad/iPod” for, it will guide you to install IOTransfer, with whose VIDEOS feature, the Vimeo videos can be downloaded and saved to the iOS device easily, which is already introduced at the very first part above.

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