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Home > Tips > How to Fix Facebook Videos Not Playing on iPhone in 2020

How to Fix Facebook Videos Not Playing on iPhone in 2020

Is the problem of Facebook videos not playing on iPhone bothering you, especially live video? Have no fear, because, in the following article, I will provide practical solutions to fixing this issue.

Updated Apr 20,2020 | by Micky

Facebook is the world’s largest online social media and social network service. It owns a pretty large user base estimated over 2.23 billion from around the world.

People use Facebook to post their best moments, share interesting news in their daily life, and of course, watch funny videos.

However, in the past, I heard many iOS users complain they meet Facebook videos not playing on iPhone and have no idea what to do. In often cases, this happens when watching Facebook live video. But don’t worry because I will introduce why this glitch happens and how to resolve it in the following paragraph.


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Reset Network Settings

If the issue Facebook videos not playing on iPhone occurs, you might as well consider resetting network settings on your device, because in this way, all network cache will be cleared and the network will go back to normal.

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Enter the 4-digit passcode of your iPhone and tap on Reset. This will return the whole network settings to factory defaults.


Clear iPhone

In fact, Facebook videos need enough room for buffering. If your iPhone is clogged up with cookies, caches, and junk files, Facebook videos won’t play on iPhone. 

Remove Cookies Generated by Safari

Go to Settings > Safari > Clear History Website Data.

Notice: Before the step above, try to remember those website’s passwords you need since they will all be removed.

Remove Other Junk Files from iPhone

Besides cookies generated by Safari, there are still many other junk files by various applications on your device. Since iPhone itself has no inbuilt cleaner, the best way will be using some third-party iPhone cleaner.

IOTransfer iPhone transfer software might be your best choice in the filed. It allows you to view the files which will be removed beforehand and after the cleaning process is finished, the size of the files that have been removed will also be displayed. Within only several clicks, the whole cleaning process can be done.


Update Facebook App

If Facebook videos won’t play on iPhone, you may be encountering some sort of bug of Facebook App itself. So, go to check whether there is a recent update in App Store.

Go to App Store > Updates > tap on Update if it’s available

Download Facebook Videos to Your iPhone

If none of the methods provided above work, to download Facebook videos to iPhone can fix the problem once for all. In this way, you will view the videos right in Video App on your iPhone offline without disturbance from unstable network connection and Facebook crash.

There are many online video download services like VideoGrabby, KeepVid, and ClipConverter able to download videos from mainstream sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook. Indeed, all of them are simple, convenient and friendly to new users. However, you must understand there is potential danger when using any of these services. The pop-up ad is one of the reasons why I don’t use them anymore.

Once upon a time, when I was using an online video download service in my office, a pop-up ad appeared. I clicked on it, and it sent me right to an adult website which made me so embarrassed in front of my supervisor. I was lucky. At least no malware attacked my PC.

We just mentioned IOTransfer iPhone transfer software above. It’s more than an iPhone manager and cleaner, it’s able to download videos from over 20 sites without any quality loss. You will no longer worry about any pop-up ads and slow downloading speed. As long as your local network condition is not too bad, IOTransfer ensures that you can download any videos within a short time.

Free download the best video downloader to save lossless Facebook videos to your iPhone.

Download Facebook Videos to iPhone within 3 Steps

Step 1

Install and launch IOTransfer, connect your iPhone to PC and wait until it’s recognized. If the notification “Trust This Computer” pops up, tap on “Trust” to continue.


Step 2

Click on VIDEOS in the top toolbar, paste the link to the Facebook video onto the blank area beside “URL:", tick off the tiny box before “Automatically transfer the downloaded videos into your iOS device”, and then, preset an output path.


Step 3

Click on Download to get started. After the download is finished, wait until the loop around the iPhone tag stops circling. Then, you can find the Facebook video in both the folder you previously set on your PC and the Video App on iPhone.


Bottom Line

Facebook videos not playing on iPhone is not a severe problem once you find a proper solution.

Hopefully, the methods provided above can help you out when you can't watch Facebook live on iPhone. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

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