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Home > Tips > How to Clear History on iPhone - Tips to Delete Safari Search History and Other App data

How to Clear History on iPhone - Tips to Delete Safari Search History and Other App data

Your iPhone or iPad stores great amounts of data. Normally this is for your own ease, but you can clear search history of your iPhone. Follow the guide to clear Safari search history and other app data on your iPhone and iPad.

Updated Dec 29,2016 | by Shannon

Your iPhone stores great amounts of data and search history about what you did. Normally this is for your own ease, make you feel convenient while using iPhone. But there are ways to completely clear history on your iPhone if you worry privacy leaks and others see something without your permission.


How to clear history on iPhone?


iPhone is a remarkable device and offers great internet browsing experience with Safari. It is the default browser for Apple devices which is based on the WebKit engine. Along with standard maintenance, there are numerous causes one would want to clear history on iPhone.


For Viewing History:

       Tap the Bookmarks button in the toolbar of Safari app.

       Select the icon for Bookmarks in the upper-left corner.

       Return to the top-level menu.

       Tapping the History menu shall display your complete search history from all tabs.

       You could pull down the list to reveal the search bar for your query.

       Simply tap Clear selecting how much history you would like to clear, for example, the last hour, last 48 hours or all of the recorded history.


Clearing History with Private Browsing:

On the topic of how to clear search history on iPhone, Private Browsing mode is an effective method to start that is designed within Safari for not to track any history.


    Open a new browser window of Safari and tap the windows icon.

    In the bottom-left corner, you shall see a label named Private.

Tapping this icon shall allow you to open new Safari browser window having black borders rather than traditional and familiar white. This is a visual hint that you are using iPhone to browse privately and it won’t track your actions. This saves you from the trouble of clearing browser data if you want a quick search.


It is the popular method opted by users so as to avoid any sort of further maintenance to clear and delete the unwanted browsing data.


Clearing Individual Websites:

Within the history tab of Safari, you shall be able to see your recently viewed links. There is an option available for you to swipe and delete to remove the individual website. This function can be used thoroughly for all time periods allowing you to scroll further into the past and delete single items.


Clearing Full History:

There is also a Clear tab within the same Safari History tab on your bottom right side. It clears all of the items presently appearing in History and a great way to clear history on iPhone of the recent data.


Website Data:

The last way to clear history on iPhone within Safari is navigating to Settings App and then back to Safari. Bottom tab shall show you a blue text stating Clear History & Website Data.

Tapping this text shall make a warning appear on your iPhone/iPad Clearing will remove history, cookies and other browsing data. It shall further mention, history will be cleared from Devices signed into iCloud account. This part needs your attention as you are not only completely clearing the browsing data from your current devices but all those devices that are currently using the iCloud account.

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