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How to Manage Your iCloud Storage and Free up Space in iCloud
As an Apple user, you are entitled to 5GB free iCloud space. This might seem whooping big to you initially, but by the time you start uploading pictures, backing up documents and other things that you need to save on cloud space, you will realize that this space is not enough.
How to Free Up Space on iPhone in iOS 11 with the Storage Feature
IOS 11 has been designed to make suggestions on how you could clear up space. Some of these features are automatically implemented the moment you upgrade, while others could be enabled manually once your device starts running low on storage space.
How to Recover Deleted Contacts from iPhone 6/6 plus/6s/7
Have you ever deleted your contacts by accident or lost data after upgrading to latest iOS? If you are trying to recover deleted contacts from iPhone, you will find the clear steps here about restoring contacts from iPhone with iTunes iCloud.
How to Delete All Photos from iPhone at Once
Are there time you want to delete all photos from iPhone? In this guide, we will show you the pretty easy ways of how to delete all photos from iPhone at once.
[Solved] How to Bulk Delete Photos from iPhone XS/ X/8/7/6/5
Want to bulk delete photos from your iPhone XS/ X/8/7/6/5? The article shows you how to easily and quickly remove photos in bulk from your iPhone.
How to Delete Apps on iOS 10
iPhone as the popular mobile phone has been a hub of our activities. With the passage of time, a lot of applications get stored in iPhone that should be deleted to clear out space. Now, question to how to delete apps on ios 10 will be answered in the following.
How to Delete Apps on iPhone 6, 6s and iPhone 7
To know how to delete or remove apps on iPhone, please check this article that gives you all the details of how to delete apps on iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7.
iPhone Using Too Much Cellular Data, How to Save Data on iPhone?
With various surprising features and lots of powerful apps in iPhone, your iPhone would be easily running out of data and you will be charged for cellular data overages. So it is significant to monitor and manage your cellular data and save data on iPhone.
Tips You Need to Know to Manage iPhone Storage and Avoid Any Kinds of Issues Related to Shortage of Space
Are you one of those you are facing storage problems with your iPhone? iPhone storage has a lot of space that will allow you to store your files effectively but if you face any kind of shortage in this regard, follow the following tips.
How to Delete Apps on iPhone X in iOS 12 – Remove iPhone Apps
Unwanted apps may add up to thousands of megabytes shortening the available memory of your iPhone. So let’s have a look on how to delete apps from iPhone X/XR/XS/XS Max in iOS 12 with the help of the 3D touch or other tools.
How to Clear Cache on iPhone for Apps to Free up More Space
iPhone users should clear iPhone Apps' cache regularly to free up more space.If you want to keep your iPhone in the best state, read more to learn how to clear cache on iPhone for its Apps.
How to Free Up Storage on iPhone – Free Space on iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/5c/6
​How to free up storage on iPhone? The following guide will show you how to free space on 16GB iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/5c and iPhone 6 especially.
How to Clear History on iPhone - Tips to Delete Safari Search History and Other App data
Your iPhone or iPad stores great amounts of data. Normally this is for your own ease, but you can clear search history of your iPhone. Follow the guide to clear Safari search history and other app data on your iPhone and iPad.
How to Clear History on Mac
It is basically the problem of many new users who wonder how to clear history on mac. Here are a few easy ways that you can follow in order to delete browsing history on Mac.
How to Clear Cookies on Mac
If you are concerned about your privacy and want to prevent some malicious cookies from stealing sensitive information on your Mac, read on for methods below about how to clear cookies on Mac.
What is the Other Data on iPhone, and How to Remove It?
If you connect your iPhone to iTunes, you will find that there’s mysterious “Other” data exists. Have you ever wondered what is the “Other” data on iPhone, and how to remove it to free up your iPhone space? In this article, we will find out.
Tips for Helping You Survive on an iPhone with Only 16GB Storage
Now we are going to introduce some useful tips to help you maximize your device space and survive on an iPhone with only 16GB storage.
How to Check Data Usage on iPhone, and How to Effectively Reduce High iPhone Data Usage?
Many iPhone users confront with excessive data usage problem after updating their iPhone devices to iOS 9. How to check data usage on iPhone, and how to reduce high iPhone data usage effectively? Here, we are going to share some tips to help fix this issue.

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